Will Work for a . . . Date?

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Will Word For A DateThe other day I was reading Dear Abby, (yes, writers do read columnists). Now stop snickering and keep on reading. This particular column tackled the subject of where to meet eligible singles of the opposite sex. I hope we are all aware that the original dearest Dear Abby isn’t writing anymore, (sorry to be the one to break it to those of you in ignorant bliss). No matter, what I noticed was that whoever was doing the writing hadn’t been looking for love in any public places lately; it was obvious from her suggestions. I carefully went down the list, item by item.

First suggestion, wine-tasting classes. That is so 90s. Today’s wine-tasting classes are filled with lovey dovey couples and single women over fifty. I should know, I’m one of the latter.

Next on the list, square dancing. Get a grip; Square dancing is done in pairs, usually married pairs.

Beginning hands-on-car repair? Girl, all you get is greasy fingernails and more lonely nights because men won’t be caught dead in those classes.

Classes on how to cook for one? Go ahead, and learn because that’s exactly what’ll you end up doing.

Join a hiking club? Take a number and learn to control your sweating and your heavy breathing.

volunteerThe list went on and on…until I got to V for “volunteer.” Bingo! Yes, volunteering is a good way to meet other singles. You may be thinking, “Been there, done that.” You can’t promise long hours, on scheduled days, months and months into the future. I’m totally with you. Let me suggest two things you can do whenever, wherever you want to do. Habitat for Humanity,  costs nothing except time. One day or one hour, whenever it is convenient. Visit their site, and check out their building schedule.  Sometimes you get to meet the people who will be living in the house, and it is always a very uplifting experience. Most of the volunteers are professional people, down to earth, with a tool belt and a smiling face; you’ll be one of them, and camaraderie is the ruling mood. You’ll meet great, giving souls, and one of them just may be the great, giving soul you’ve been looking for.

If hammers and nails are too intimidating, try a food bank. Food banks can be found in your phone book, under “Charities or Homeless Services.” Here again, you can offer your services for a few hours or one day, to help box food or serve meals. It doesn’t cost a penny, except for transportation, here again, it is very low pressure. All these organizations have a very casual dress code, you won’t have problems there, and you’ll be working next to friendly people. Very often everybody goes out for coffee or a drink afterward. I’ve always met great people and had much fun with this activity. How is that for a way to meet people without investing anything more than good will?

“There is never enough time, unless you’re serving it.”   Malcolm Forbes

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  1. Great blog, Maria. Having worked in nonprofits I know volunteers often mean the difference between things getting done–and not. Another couple of suggestions: sign on to answer phones for fundraising drives, like for public television and public radio. Both usually have spring and fall fund drives, and a lot of people are needed to fill those time slots–and so many time slots give more options that work with everyone’s busy schedule. Some local news channels run phone banks that need volunteers too for big projects like hospital fundraisers and those big annually run events like Race for the Cure. And like you mentioned before, many people go for coffee afterward to unwind and get to know each other better. Best of all, volunteers meet people who obviously already care about the same services and causes that they care about, so everyone already has something to talk about in those awkward first moments. :)

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