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Gemini Moon finalI always wanted to be a writer. When I was a little girl I lived with my grandparents in a 3 story house my grandfather built. One rainy day I went up into the attic to look for something, not sure what. Keep in mind that was before phones, before TVs and certainly before computers. I found a wooden crate full of old books—Gialli, that’s what mysteries are called in Italy.

I was hooked.

In school (in Italy) my best grades were in Literature. My teachers liked my writing, often would read it out loud. I remember swapping stories for chocolate with the daughter of the town grocer.

When my parents moved I had to say goodbye to my grandparents, the attic and the books. In Belgium I learned to speak French. Soon my teachers liked my French essays.

Life has a way of playing tricks on our carefully planned tomorrows. So I met an American boy, fell in love, married and moved to the United States. I had to learn English. Then came the divorce, the kids moved out, the Great Danes went to dogs’ heaven, the house felt so quiet.

It was time to write.

To write is one thing, to get your writing published is a whole different game.

I’m not good at games, but I persevered. Eventually Love Thy Sister was published.  A second book came around, now we had a series, Mina’s adventures series.

Italian Summer became #3 of the series. That one was hard to write, because I had to revisit my hometown for real and was flooded by memories, the good and the bad.

People started to buy my books and I was stunned. My stories.

You see, every time one of you wonderful friends buys one of my books, it feels like a pat on the back saying, “You did it, Maria Grazia, you are writing in English and we like it.”

And when you post a review it’s as if you put a new log on the fire. In my fireplace. And the fire is invigorated and the flames soar high, they crackle and sparkle and the house isn’t so quiet anymore, it’s full of happy sounds. Thank you.




I have a new series. It’s in English, even though Lella, my main character, is Italian-born, who was married to an American. She is now a widow. I know what you are thinking….no, I promise you, she did not kill her husband. (insert big grin).

The beautiful cover of Gemini Moon shows the river Arno flowing peacefully under  Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. To celebrate the release of the book, my friend and publisher, Gemma Halliday is having a give away on her Facebook page.   Go post a comment on Thursday November 21 and you may win this authentic Murrina from Venice. It’s mounted in silver and would look really good on a silver chain.

And take minute to pre-order your copy of Gemini Moon:

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