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My Books

Cooks, Crooks and a Corpse

Cooks, Crooks and a Corpse

Baker Girls Cozy Mystery Book 1 More info →
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Desert Moon: Death Under the Desert Moon (Lella York Mysteries Book 3)

Desert Moon: Death Under the Desert Moon (Lella York Mysteries Book 3)

From National Best Selling Author Maria Grazia Swan comes Lella York's third mystery More info →
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9 Responsesso far.

  1. Ruth Barrineau-Brooks says:

    I loved “Weeping Moon”!

  2. Debbie Franko says:

    I left comments everywhere, just to make sure you wouls see them somewhere.
    Gemini Moon is my favorite of all the books I’ve read of yours, Maria. I identified so much with Lella and her son, Kyle.
    I thought I had already read this one, so it was quite a shock that it’s been sitting in my Kindle library, just waiting for me to find it!
    It was thrilling,funny,sad,and full of mystery and romance and a woman much like us, who worries about getting older, not feeling attractive enough, but still willing to stick her feet in the ocean.
    I loved this book!!!

  3. Debbie Franko says:

    P.S. The errors I made in the above post are kicking my OCD into overdrive. ARGHHHH!

  4. Tresa Crook says:

    The Baker girls cozy mystery was entertaining and thank you for not spelling out the profs ity but intelligently people do not need profanity to get their point accross.

  5. Wendy Green says:

    Cooks, Crooks & a Corpse…. When is the next one coming out???? I’m sitting here dying to know what happens next! Great cliff-hanger, great characters!

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